Zephyr is trendy, minimal and very versatile WordPress theme for creatives, coaches and small business owners. It was designed as a multi-purpose theme, to cater to the needs of various business types, from photographers and filmmakers, to bloggers, designers, stylists, planners, educators, etc.

It is perfect website template for creatives and bloggers who want to tell their story a feminine, chic and minimalist way.
It is created using Elementor page builder, so making it yours is very easy.

WHAT’S included?

wordpress websites for creatives

Once you sign up, you will get instant access to everything you need to build your website:

Fast cloud hosting that will make sure your website is fast, secured and SEO friendly.
When signing up, you get to choose one of our themes. They are made SEO friendly and made with our easy to use and  drag-and-drop builder ( Elementor).
Check how fast your site could be (loading in 1,5s!) with this theme by clicking here.
Plus - if you ever want to change the look of your website and change to another theme - just send us a message!

As a member you get access to a Library of Premium Plugins, valued at over $700/yr!

We’ll walk you through the basics and show you the exact step-by-step process to build your site, edit theme, customize it and launch!

You will get access to our Canva brand color moodboard, 12 free brand color palletes and our branding workbook to easily build your brand visuals.

Woohoo - you’re almost there! Before you launch your site, we’ll walk you through all of the final important pieces.

Woohoo - you’re almost there! Before you launch your site, we’ll walk you through all of the final important pieces.

What will you need?

The domain is the name of your website (eg websitename.com)  You can purchase this anytime and you will only need to connect it when your website is ready to go live.

Design Details

You can easily change all colors, fonts, graphics, images, text, add pages and adjust the layout to suit your biz!

All themes comes with a variety of pages included (Instagram link in bio, sales page and coming soon included as well!), please view the live demo to see the pages included.



sign up for Whizy Website

Each theme comes with a set of beautifully designed Elementor pages and layouts to display your info and offers. Time to choose one favorite!


add your site info

It’s easy - choose one of Whizy plans, fill in your site name, URL and payment details! Get an exact copy of all pages, blog & shop , Instagram and landing templates packaged with the theme + our platform with all the features!


customize it, make it you!

Use the visual editor to add in your own content and images to your new website. Easily customize the fonts and colors to match your brand. No coding needed. Launch your new site quickly and easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need a domain name before you launch, but you won’t need it to start building your site!

We also recommend having some fresh photos to work with - it always helps for a brand spruce to have these on hand!

Yup! Your website domain is easy to connect to Whizy Website. We even have step by step instructions so anyone can do it!

No! WHIZY WEBSITE is a WordPress host with all our favorite goodies built in. What's more - all of the Whizy sites are Cloud Hosted! This means you don’t need to update your plugins and have access to a curated list of tried and true plugins that we have tested and licensed for this platform.

Yes! With eCommerce plan you can host all your products right on your main website. You can even drag-and-drop the look and feel of a shop you like with the tools available for a totally custom experience. You get more flexibility than with Shopify!

Yup! Adding tracking codes is as easy as copy-paste.

Nope! We've had many members use Whizy website without knowing a lick of Photoshop. We do recommend optimizing and editing your images in Canva when needed. 

We recommend GSuite email (perfect if you also have your domain with Google) (it's like Gmail but for your business) and Zoho email. You can link your custom domain to your email address.

If for any reason you do not fall in love with The Whizy, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for any site that is not attached to a trial plan.

Hey! I'm Monika

For a long time I was making my living creating custom websites for small businesses. And although I loved creating these designs, I quickly realized that custom site design wasn’t always a good option for new business owners.

I was frustrated that small business owners felt like they had to invest thousands of dollars to get a website, only to be left in debt, with a website that they didn’t know how to update or change.
So, I thought, I needed to offer a better solution to small business owners: An option that was small-biz budget friendly and easy to use. An option that could change and grow with your growing business. An option that teaches how to completely take control of your website, so you don’t have to rely on (or pay) someone else. And of course, an option that still looked really good!

Today, we have helped thousands of small biz owners DIY their dream websites!