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Whizy Website Membership Annual (For Clients)

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Whizy Website Annual (For Clients)



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Frequently Asked Questions...

You’ll need a domain name before you launch, but you won’t need it to start building your site!

We also recommend having some fresh photos to work with - it always helps for a brand spruce to have these on hand!

Yup! You can point any existing domain to your Whizy Website.

No! Whizy Website is a managed WordPress host with everything you need for a codeless but powerful website baked in. This means you don’t need to update your plugins and have access to a curated list of tried and true plugins that we have tested and licensed for this platform.

Yes! WooCommerce is available and our platform is SSL secured. You can even change the look and feel of WooCommerce pages with the tools available.

You can totally import your Pages and Posts from another WordPress installation! Note that you will have to create new layouts (you can't migrate your old theme) but we make it easy 🙂 

You won’t...

...have access to the Code Editor (there’s another way to add Header/Footer code and CSS if you need it, don’t worry!)

Have to mess around with plugins, trying to find the best one that both works and won’t break your site!

You will...

...have access to a theme and builder that allows you to customize every bit of your site, as well as premium WordPress plugins, security, backups and regular plugin updates.

Absolutely! You can even register multiple websites on the Whizy platform. If you are a designer first and would love a world where you never had to mess with code, this would be a great option for you.

Note that you will have to work with the Whizy theme, and you will be limited to our network's premium plugin library. However, our network was built off years of experience designing and developing for WordPress, which means the plugins we've curated are the best and are managed by our team. If there is a plugin you must have that is not included, please email us and we will review it!

You will need to move the content over from your previous site to our network and build your site here. The WordPress importer tool is available for you to import (this will work for Squarespace if you use the "Export for WordPress" setting.) 

Once you become a member, our Launch Coaches are happy to review your previous site and give you guidance on how to build your Whizy Website in a way that helps you achieve your goals!

Yes! Adding tracking codes is as easy as copy-paste. Our tutorials will show you where.

Due to the managed-hosting nature of our platform, you will not be able to access FTP files. However, we do have tools available to implement CSS changes and code injections for tracking pixels/third party apps, etc.

Our friends at Smart Podcast Player have the best plugin for adding your podcast to your website! You can find the plugin in your plugin library, but you will need to purchase and activate a license to use it on your site.

You can also easily embed Podcast players from or Spotify with our Builder.

We recommend GSuite email (perfect if you also have your domain with Google) (it's like Gmail but for your business) and Zoho email. You can link your custom domain to your email address.
If for any reason you do not fall in love with Weeknight Website, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for any site that is not attached to a trial plan.

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