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With Whizy you can create the website you wish you had in as little as one weeknight with our drag-and-drop WordPress platform and over-the-shoulder tech and design support. We like to call Whizy a website platform you dream to find, the one that you stay with even when you grow, because just as 34% of the internet websites uses WordPress – so do we at the Whizy!

However WordPress might seem too complicated to regular non tech person, so Whizy helps here, because we make it easy for you to create, edit and market your WordPress hosted website. With our speedy page builder that is super secure and user-friendly you can build the site of your dreams in as little as one weekend.

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The Backend

No more WordPress boring tabs. We have re-designed the WordPress backend to be more modern and simple to navigate.

Library of pre-designed templates

Work with some sweet pre-designed templates and get step by step instructions to speed up your website building (or start from scratch and build whatever you want.)

Updates and security

You NEVER have to update WordPress or your plugins because we manage that for you. So say goodbye to updates breaking your website for good!

Mobile friendly and mobile responsive

You can edit and build your website from mobile devices like iPad (for realsies)!

Cloud hosted

We are hosted on a lightning-fast, dedicated server so you never need to go buy hosting or tools anywhere else.

Premium extensions and plugins

As a member you get access to a Library of Premium Plugins, valued at over $700/yr!

Whizy vs Squarespace

Squarespace is easy for beginners to use, but you’ll soon find out how limited you are. Want that box to do something fancy? You have to code it. Want your text to be different on your blog? Custom code time! Need an FAQ with fancy dropdowns? Hope you know that CSS.

Not only do you have to know code (or hire someone that does) but you have to pay MORE for the ability to edit it in Squarespace, yuck! Whizy website allows you to connect your email list, have a robust online store, and have all the blogging power of WordPress! Plus, similar to Squarespace, because we are a managed platform you never have to worry about updating your plugins!

Whizy vs Wix

Whizy website is very similar to Wix with the “drag-and-drop” building capabilities. The biggest issue with Wix sites is when the sites are viewed on a phone or tablet. Your site can look awesome on WIX and not so awesome everywhere else. With Whizy website, you can customize your site for every screen and preview it by hitting one key on your keyboard. That’s what we call winning!

Whizy vs ShowIt

Whizy websites are pretty similar to ShowIt in drag-and-drop building ease, with the added benefits of a WordPress blog. How are we different? The Whizy is WordPress so there is no need to upgrade plan or have a different website just for your blog. It’s all included, in one place. Need a shop? Showit can’t help ya. At Whizy we offer the option to import your products from and design page layouts for the internet’s best eCommerce platform, Shopify. This functionality even works with Shopify’s Lite plan ($9/mo.) Plugin updates are handled for you at Whizy as well. We have tons of pro plugins and you never need to worry about updating them only to have it break your website.

Whizy Builder & Elementor Builder

Elementor is a rad tool – it’s ONE tool in your tool box. When building a site you still need things like hosting, other plugins, and technical website site maintenance. Whizy has a builder installed that actually is just like Elementor, but with extensions custom to us! We use Whizy (extended Elementor) Builder because it’s historically been more secure, developer-vetted, and less buggy. It’s the tool that the pros use. Go to any side-by-side comparison and you’ll see how similar they are! With Whizy, you get easy to use drag-and-drop builder PLUS hosting, support, and other premium plugins that are maintained for you, so the only decisions you have to make are design ones.



We are a team of web designers and marketing pros with over a decade of experience. Our mission  is to help you go from zero to money-making website with the support you need to get it done.

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