HOW TO sell WHIZY websites to YOUR clients

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You have landed a client, you are ready to start the project, but how do you explain the Whizy platform to your clients so that it's easy to understand and they feel confident and comfortable working with the website after it's all completed?

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you set your client at ease!

Just remember, your client hired you because they trust YOU! Clearly communicating your choices will help them have confidence in the project and your knowledge. Set good deadlines and communicate well and you will have a happy client!

WHIZY WEBSITE and all-in-one-platform

					Hello (Client Name),
I just wanted to take a few moments and tell you about the website hosting platform I am recommending for you. I use a managed WordPress website builder called Whizy Website.

It is built on WordPress but it uses a drag-and-drop builder and premium plugins to make sure you have the best experience managing your website after our project is complete. The team at Whizy Website manage the hosting, plugin updates, and even provide support at one low yearly fee to help you keep costs on your website affordable and maintenance free.

I love building with Whizy because I can build anything I want. We can create custom landing pages, funnels, sales pages that convert, blog and even a shop using Whizy Website. The reason I recommend this solution for clients is they have easy to follow tutorials and support if you need to make changes once your website is complete.

Please feel free to reach out should you have any more questions for me. I am looking forward to working together.


Frequently Asked Questions

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