Showit vs Elementor Which is better? (Updated 2021)

showit vs wordpress elementor

We love WordPress! But as you do your research, there are other options and website platforms out there that offer similar things and differ in some aspects. Which to choose, so you don’t regret the decision later? Read further and find out what Whizy Creatives think about Showit and Elementor (WordPress) website builders and our […]

Why Whizy is the BEST website platform for small businesses

We know a thing or two about website platforms. Building a beautiful website is an intricate, sometimes lengthy process. It shouldn’t need to be painstaking too. We learned this the hard way so you don’t have to. When building a website for our clients, our CMS aka the content management system of choice is WordPress […]

Free and Affordable Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs

As a creative entrepreneur, many of you are fully focused on your business these days, analyzing, enhancing, restructuring, rebranding, as well as looking into your financial situation, and perhaps cutting back on some subscriptions and costs that no longer seem relevant. Having this in mind, we decided to compile a list of recommended tools and […]

What Makes a Good Website (Secrets for Websites that Sell)

Ever started thinking about your website and gotten overwhelmed before you even begin? We know, we have been there before too! As veteran website designers and developers here at The Whizy, we know what makes a good website.  A good website is a central piece of your marketing and is important for making your business […]

Here’s how Whizy WordPress platform compares to other

With Whizy you can create the website you wish you had in as little as one weeknight with our drag-and-drop WordPress platform and over-the-shoulder tech and design support. We like to call Whizy a website platform you dream to find, the one that you stay with even when you grow, because just as 34% of […]

How To Create A Professional Website In Hours

Websites. Websites. Websites. So different and we love all types of them – the ones so minimalistic and chic and the colorful ones, or ones that look like they came from the future. But, if you’re out to create a professional website, the odds are that your less open minded friends are going to see […]