Free and Affordable Tools and Software for Creative Entrepreneurs

As a creative entrepreneur, many of you are fully focused on your business these days, analyzing, enhancing, restructuring, rebranding, as well as looking into your financial situation, and perhaps cutting back on some subscriptions and costs that no longer seem relevant. Having this in mind, we decided to compile a list of recommended tools and […]

Cool Color Combos We’re Loving + How to Use Them

Funky Color Combos We’re Loving Branding

Color is truly a wonderful thing! They are directly related to your feelings and impressions, so using them correctly is very important when it comes to branding and your business. So I’ll be going over some of my favorite fun-ky color combinations right now and show how to use them in your design and brand. […]

10 Modern Serif Fonts for Branding in 2021

10 Modern Serif Fonts for Branding in 2021

Modern serif fonts are slowly growing on popularity. Besides their quite attractive elegance, versatile uses and timeless distinctiveness, one of the many things I love about these fonts is the vibrant classy rich aesthetic that’s re-introduced into designs. So, if you plan to redesign your brand or to create new designs pick one of these […]