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We are more than digital strategists - we specialize in visual media and making your online space work for you with a help of web design and SEO. We're a team of creatives with a dream in mind: yours. We are committed to elevating your online presence by creating branded assets and customized content that reflect your creative vision and entrepreneurial heart, wholly and uniquely.


for the hustlers, dreamers, and goal-setting believers

Aim boldly and attract your dream clients. Your creative business deserves the attention to detail it needs to soar. With media content, web design, search engine optimization and branding assets built to showcase your best, #bossbabe self, we will help you reach high and land big. And if the thought of a website revamp sounds daunting, don’t worry - we’ll wake you when it’s over.


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Whizy Website

Finally finish your website with our drag-and-drop WordPress platform + help from experts!

Creative Director & Digital Strategist

I help world-changers launch digital products and grow their audiences online.

My name is Monika and I am the founder and Creative Director of Whizy Creative, a web design firm that specializes in creating high-converting websites for personality-driven brands.

With over 8 years of web designing and website optimizing experience and knowledge I have completed projects and ranked more sites to Google page one than you could guess! Before web design I was working as professional photographer.

My created website platform, Whizy Website, helps influencers easily build their own WordPress websites with a drag-and-drop editor and expert coaching. Through tutorials, member-only webinars and their 14-day website build incentive, Whizy Website has helped hundreds of people launch websites.

Monika holds a BA in Commercial and Film Production from RISEBA University and BA in Business from Nottingham College. Currently located in Riga, Latvia where she lives with her puppy Greta and friend Julius.



CHIC WordPress THEMES for creatives

created with Elementor builder

Got questions about WHIZY WEBSITE?

You’ll need a domain name before you launch, but you won’t need it to start building your site!

We also recommend having some fresh photos to work with - it always helps for a brand spruce to have these on hand!

Yup! Your website domain is easy to connect to Whizy Website. We even have step by step instructions so anyone can do it!

No! WHIZY WEBSITE is a WordPress host with all our favorite goodies built in. What's more - all of the Whizy sites are Cloud Hosted! This means you don’t need to update your plugins and have access to a curated list of tried and true plugins that we have tested and licensed for this platform.

Yes! With eCommerce plan you can host all your products right on your main website. You can even drag-and-drop the look and feel of a shop you like with the tools available for a totally custom experience. You get more flexibility than with Shopify!

Yup! Adding tracking codes is as easy as copy-paste.

Nope! We've had many members use Whizy website without knowing a lick of Photoshop. We do recommend optimizing and editing your images in Canva when needed. 

We recommend GSuite email (perfect if you also have your domain with Google) (it's like Gmail but for your business) and Zoho email. You can link your custom domain to your email address.

If for any reason you do not fall in love with The Whizy, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for any site that is not attached to a trial plan.

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